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Unistrut Buffalo Support

Unistrut Buffalo Supports

Quality Commercial Framing & Hardware for
the Construction & Manufacturing Industries

The Unistrut Buffalo Supports division distributes a variety of materials to contractors, including: metal framing, pipe clamps, safety grating and telescopic square tubing. Materials are employed in a range of applications, including: industrial and commercial construction, equipment supports for manufacturers, and safety-grating walkways.

 UBS keeps a large selection of products in inventory, including:

  • Unistrut® metal framing
  • Gripstrut® safety grating
  • Telespar® telescopic tubing
  • Gripple® wire rope system
  • Food Grade Strut®, and
  • Sikla’s Framo 80®

UBS Services include providing product knowledge, training and Unifab service for all products. Unifab combines Unistrut products and fabrication services to create a customized turnkey system. Cutting, welding, hole punching assembly, specialty finishing and packaging; UBS will integrate both products and service to meet customer requirements. 


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Unistrut Number 17 General Engineering Catalog

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