Rooftop Accessories
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Rooftop Accessories

Rooftop Sleeper Standoff Support: These supports offer a strong and economical solution for creating an elevated rooftop standoff from existing sleeper supports (or roof curb). They are typically used to elevate piping, duct-work, HVAC equipment and more from rooftops. Both supports are designed to bolt directly onto the tops of existing sleeper supports.

Rooftop Strut-Lumber Pipe Supports: Our Strut-Lumber Pipe Supports are manufactured from economical and eco-friendly materials. They are durable and weather-proof, they will not penetrate the surface of the roof, and do not require any additional barrier to be placed between the roof and the support.

RTSBRAC RTS Horizontal Brace

Supportable Sizes:
Application specific

Product Dimensions:
• Horizontal braces are designed to tie individual stands together into a system
• Available in lengths up to 8' spacing